Winners do what is right and then feel good as a result. Whiners want to feel good before they do what is right. Life involves an inescapable amount of pain, but it’s far better to endure the pain of discipline today than to suffer the pain of regret later.

Bridging The Gaps




“Mind the gap” is a safety announcement, advising passengers of the London Underground metro system to be careful when stepping across the opening between train doors and station platforms. The world’s oldest underground subway system, built 151 years ago, the London Underground contains several stations with rounded platforms, constructed on a curve to avoid important structural foundations in the city. The railway runs straighter than these platforms, hence the unsafe gap between the two.

The design of the London Underground illustrates a simple principle of personal development: there’s a gap between where we stand, and where we’re trying to go. To be successful on our journey, we have to be aware of this space and prudent when crossing it. We have to mind the gaps of growth.

The Assumption Gap: Assuming Growth Is…

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