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Peace 586 f. Propaganda and Sev Statik

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Emcee Broken One of the Shadow of the Locust Crew

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Marco [Broken One] explains his younger days as povertized and full of gang activity. Both his parents were heavily influenced by Street Life allowing drugs and violence to run the house. The path was set before him and he followed it, be coming addicted to meth, rock cocaine, weed and alcohol by age 13 resulting in a crack overdose at 15. The lifestyle caught up with him even by way of a gang hit being put out on his head as his debtors sought to take his life.

Moving to the High Desert area of CA, Marco continued to bang until after he lost 2 children prematurely with his longstanding girlfriend and now wife. The effect of this caused him to seek meaning in life bringing him to church and fellowship with Christ. In 2005 Marco met up with Reveal who introduced him to the Holy side of HipHop. This enlightenment impacted Marco heavily who immediately began EmCeeing in a High Desert CA crew called ‘His Fame’ under the title, Broken 1. Rocking shows throughout the southern westcoast areas of California ‘His Fame’ was spreading Light through the culture of HipHop. Urban evangelists of dynamic proportions!
After Reveals induction into SOTL, Broken expressed a strong desire to follow, being a long time zealot of the ‘Locust’ brand of music and ministry. Spending  a few years as a disciple under the tutelage of Dirt and Reveal, the end of 2012 saw the officialization of this MC into the crew.
Now SOTL-embraced, this mic lord and his relevant flow of raspy, political/theologically charged raps, are breaking loose through the camps and out to the street. Broken adds a fresh paradigm to the crew with his vehement, energize delivery. Be assured that his songs will always be littered with raw, emotional flux and meaningful, Christ-studied brainstorm bombings! –

Declaration of Dependence feat Mantis & Reveal

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