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Before Honor Comes Humility – Leave Your Ego At The Door

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Before Honor Comes Humility – Leave Your Ego At The Door

How to Leave Your Ego at the Door 

Thoughts on approaches that might maximize humility 

by Afraj Gill 

People often misidentify self-confidence for egotistical behaviour, and vice versa. These two have a very distinct difference. Confidence is usually backed with logic, reasoning or experience. An egotistical stance, on the other hand, might be backed with, well, some sort of inflexible stubbornness or heavy feeling of accomplishment.

Egos — big egos, especially — can be dangerous. They deter self-development and prevent the good flow of ideas and creativity, while also wounding reputation in the process.

Most of us fall victim to this — after all, we’re human. We might walk into a meeting so confident in our idea that we unintentionally turn a blind eye to other, superior possibilities or concepts. When we do this, we choose to listen less and talk more, only to find out later that we missed an opportunity to get critical insights.

This small list is something I use to keep myself in check. Whenever I walk into a meeting, an event — or to anything where I’m not alone — I tend to follow this.

1. Keep introductions short
Good conversations have a natural feel. Try to make every conversation unique. This starts with sharing the minimally important information about yourself: name, interests, job or school major. That’s enough to get a good discussion started. The point of your introduction is not to share your life story; it’s to start a conversation.

What’s next? Let your discussion guide what you choose to share. Introductions have a huge impact on the structure of the remainder of your conversation. If you keep an introduction at the minimum, it opens more doors to talk about something you may otherwise not have expected.

The best part about this: because it leaves the beginning of a conversation open ended, it provides greater possibility of connecting at a personal level.

2. Don’t let recognition or achievement get to your head
Win an award or get accepted to your dream school or job? Good for you. Pat yourself on the back, maybe celebrate, but move on. Regardless of what you do or accomplish, chances are there’s a ton of work ahead.

The point: pride dilutes focus. And no focus likely means no progress.

3. Surround yourself with humility
Jim Rohn once said, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” If you hang out with egomaniacs, you’ll likely become one.

4. Present yourself through logic
Never try to win a debate by presenting yourself with authority — it’s likely to do more harm than good in the long-run. If you’re the chair of a committee, don’t exert position-related control. It’ll make others question your leadership.

If you deeply believe in something, back it up properly. If you can get reliable data, that’s great. If not, try making the right connective explanations to prove a point.

The more often you do this, the more people will want to hear about what you have to say.

5. Don’t talk the talk if you can’t walk the walk
Talk is cheap. Put in the hours and prove that you can actually get things done. Don’t waste your time looking for shortcuts. It’ll probably end up costing you even more time and result in a loss of credibility.

It’s impossible to go for a 10 km run without breaking a sweat. Similarly, you can’t attain goals without working very, very hard.

I have a professor who says, “Show, and don’t tell”. It probably applies to life as much as it does to his class. Instead of wasting your time telling people you can do something, show them.


The BATTERY “Two” –

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The Battery are back with their second album “Two”. Peace 586 on the beats and Jurny Big on the rhymes.

Deluxe Edition with instrumentals is available at iTunes and


released 02 July 2013
All cuts by Kair One and Rip One
Keys played by Joel Goodwin
Bass played by Ian K. Sloane
Guitar played by Blaine J. Stark
Intro by Kair One, bass played by XL
All songs written, recorded and produced by Albert J. Olguin (Jurny Big) and Rene Vasquez (Peace 586)
We are The Battery

Design by Agnes & Lupus


If you prefer supporting your favorite Illect Recordings artists on Bandcamp, the new album from The Battery is available now.

If you want the deluxe version with instrumentals be sure to grab that at iTunes.


The iMage by Timzo

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            The iMage by Timzo


iMage {code} Lyric Sheet

About Timzo:

Born June 24, 1977, this Dallas, Texas native is destined to change the face of Rap as we know it. “I wrote my first rhyme back in the fourth grade”, he laughs, “It was only four lines though”. From that point on, he says, he was “hooked”. I began to understand more about him as he explained the reason behind his deep connection to the genre.  “I was an outcast in school.
Though everybody knew me, I wasn’t with the ‘in crowd’ or ‘click’. I tried my best to fit in, but I was always different. That’s why I related to rap music so much”, he explains. “You see, back then, Rap was rebellious, edgy: unique…ya know? It didn’t sound or feel like any other genre of music I’d ever heard before. So I connected instantly, because when I listened to it or wrote it, those feelings of loneliness and rejection went away.” However, he’s not just a skilled lyricist. When you listen to the music, you’ll find he’s also a musician. “I play the piano and drums by ear,” he says with all humility. “I would hear a theme song to a T.V. show and run to the piano and play what I heard all of the time. I was about four years old when it started happening.” He has a raw talent for music and writing. His style is unique from any rap you’ve heard heretofore. When asked about the origin of his creativity, I was surprised(yet enlightened) by his reply. “Honestly, my creativity comes from God”, he says with boldness. “It’s impossible for me to take the credit for music God gives me in dreams while I’m asleep” he says. “It all comes from God: the Great Orchestrator. I hear music in dreams, all during the day: I hear it in my head right now. It’s just a God-Given Gift.” Though Some will (no doubt) label him a Gospel Rapper, he says he’s far from it. “I’m not a Gospel Rapper,” he smiles briefly, then explains, “…but I’m not a Gangster Rapper either. I can’t even Label what God’s doing through me. Perhaps I’m just chosen.” He’s right. When you listen to this music, complemented by his unique voice, and compare it to the predictable, boring, and meaningless Rap you hear all over the radio stations, you’ll get a refreshing feeling. It restores lost love for the Rap Genre, which undoubtedly seems to be going down hill. However, there are so many feelings to describe his style: Spiritual, uplifting, thought- provoking, motivating; Real. He doesn’t hide behind his music. In fact, the one thing that separates him from Gospel Rap is his ability to be transparent through his lyrics. “You’ll learn a lot about me if you pay attention to my lyrics, because that’s the way I open up to you. I talk about my struggles, weaknesses, fears, frustrations: I tell it all. I’ve never felt like I could completely open up to anyone. Especially now, since I’m a christian” he says. “That’s why I’m so transparent when I write. Music has always been my best friend. It has always accepted me and allowed to be real without fear of rejection. It taught me being different is a good thing: how to celebrate my uniqueness” he says. “I see God’s Love for me through the gifts he’s given me.” When asked if he was the next big rap artist to hit the scene, he gave a sincere, honest, and humble reply. “I ‘m not trying to take over the rap game. I’m not trying to sound, act, or rap like any who’ve come before me. God wants to do a new thing in me. This is his project, his purpose, and his message to his people. I’ve been chosen as his instrument. Whatever his plan is, whatever he wants to do through me, that’s fine with me” he explains. “I have a deep Respect and Admiration for those who’ve paved the way. I look at it like this: Rap is a Blank Canvas on which every artist paints his or her own picture” he says. “I’ve been chosen by God to paint a different picture; to reveal a different side of rap and touch the lives of his people through my own confession. That’s what the album is all about” he says, “My walk with Jesus: The journal of my journey-step by step.”

Rapper/ Producer/ Sound Engineer/ Composer/Arranger….One Man band

Band Interests

Those who are interested in working with me.

Artists Timzo Likes:

All types from all genres.

Basic Info

Launched August 1, 2012

Release Date to be announced…

Genre Christian Life Music

Members Solo Artist

Hometown Dallas, Texas

Record Label Independent

General Manager Timothy Cross

Influences The only things that influence me are people who are influential enough to be a positive influence on others. Other than that, I don’t imitate people.

Current Location Dallas

Contact Info

Press Contact Timothy Cross

Booking Agent Timothy Cross

RoKPauZradio on BigDawgMusicMafia

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SUPPORT RokPauzRadio

BigDawgBANNER2RoKPauzradio on BigDawgMusicMafia

HOTDOGGIN’ – MCPlaydough

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The title cut to Playdough’s album “Hotdoggin” available at:…

More by Mars ILL featuring Ahmad

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Mars ILL featuring Ahmad – “More” from the album ‘Pro Pain’ available on iTunes @

Where Are You? – MANAFEST

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